#1784 – Dr. Who Run

Hares : Mystery Hares
WhereBig Al’s, 1915 – 31ST SE
Big Rock: Bring some home to the Tardis tonight
Attendance: 29

Run 1785 photo

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The secret hare returns. I wonder about this recent fad and why hashers do not want to take ownership over their runs. Is it because they think it’s a shitty trail?
Well, whoever this hare was, they need not worry.

The trail was confusing enough to keep the pack together, but simple enough that we actually found the regroup.

Long enough to have hashers walking by the end, and short enough that Abandoned Pussy and a sick (but probably pregnant from a hot tub) Bare Down There made it to the regroup without shortcutting.

Scary enough that many community members came out to ask us if everything was okay and even scarier for the young hooligans who screamed and bolted when we ran towards them. Lucky for us they weren’t packin’. We were in the Northeast for goodness sakes!

To be honest, back at the bar, I didn’t hear shit. I guess the conversations of unions, teacher conventions and labour laws were way more exciting than what the RA had to say. But being the half-ass scriber that I am, I figured at least I will get her notes and copy from there.

Now I don’t know how much Dementia consumed at the regroup or whether her “condition” is affecting to her fine motor skills, but I can’t understand a fucking word on this paper, and I teach some kids with Grade 1 writing skills.

Your secret scriber  (secret, because I know it’s a shitty scribe)

Dementia's scribbling scrawl