#1785 – The Krusty Cock Run

Hares : Krusty & Cock Tale
Where: Stonewall Pub
Big Rock: in the Stone Wall
Attendance: 32

Mmm! Krusty Cock
Mmm! Krusty Cock

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The circle was a muddled, confused mess again, minus our Hashmattress who was sitting at the wrong bar waiting for a hash that never showed…   There was already nervousness, the weather was mild, and the hares were Cocktail and Krusty.  One could only imagine the trail they talked themselves into setting in the mild weather.  Visions of 2 km check backs,  marathon distance, and other horrible ideas ran through the shifting circle.  In the end, a perfect length, and a very well set trail for the Krusty Cock combo, brought miles of smiles to the hashers.

Eventually the Rubber-mole drove cross –town to the right mole hill, and everyone could start the run together.

Master Beater believes the walkers of the Calgary kennel to be his adoring fans, and chose to thank them for their support during the hash.

The action heated up as Hot Cheeks tried to throw Frigid Beaver into a puddle, some contrived it to represent that Ms Cheeks does not like getting wet.

Auntie Frank disclosed during the run that his safe word is “Oh Baby More”, no word on what Baby thinks after this revelation.

Down downs were accounted for, and duly handed down by Religious Advisor Abandoned Pussy.

As she chose her choir, the Hash held their breath.  Sticky Lips, Pink Meat, and Frigid Beaver all together.  After the “fire truck” incident… Would they sing the “A Soldier” song?  Why yes they did, and yes they did without any mention of fire truck.  Probably a big relief to Can You Hear Me Now, who was likely troubled by the usage of fire truck, as much as the needs of Knightstalker!

Other down-downs:

1200 Runs for King Shit

Double 69’s:  Skewbic Hair with 669 and Blue Balls rapping out 1069

Sticky Lips and Pull My Woody for laying the wood to a deer in the headlights

Mmmm Lady Fingers lost spike on the trail

Tighty Whitey – On tap

Hardley was recognized for his beautiful snow angel making

Can You Hear Me Now and Auntie Frank, being left behind

Master Beater and King Shit for some trumped up charge of racing or such thing…

Hardley, Skewbic Hair, and Roaring Nancy closed out with a song no one really heard before, or at least remembered…