#1787 – The Anal Toboggan Run

Hare : Abandoned Pussy
Where: Rosemont Community Hall
On-In: The Local 390
Big Rock: Pizza and Beer… Who’da Thunk It?
Attendance: 25


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Frosty the Snowman would likely not have been impressed with the sledding exhibited at the Toboggan run on this particular night.  From accounts given, Spittin’ Balls could very well be Splittin Balls after his epic tumble down the hill, and Cocktail and King Shit almost became “Cockshit” when they collided so hard on the hill.

In the end there were no runs to the Emergency Room (that were noted), and the Hash survived its yearly attempt to commit suicide on the Calgary non-approved hills.

Religious Adviser Tighty Whitey brought up Twisted Sister and Hardly up as choir, they (willingly?)chose King Shit to help them

Some remnants of Dr Phil’s party weekend were downed.  While playing “Cards against Humanity”, Running Dry asked for a definition of “Jizz” (it was easier just to show her).  It was discovered that Menage a Trois likes “snorting cocaine off a clown’s boner”.  You just can’t make it up I guess.

Lay Em In Snow was awarded best sled prize, his childhood sled from 1869
Dastardly was recognized as having the worst sled prize (a cardboard box)

Dr Phil, Buried Pleasure, Sucks Everything were brought up to explain that
the Hash retired the old Hatshit after Bob’s 60th Bday bash in part because Sucks Everything was complaining how so many people wore helmets nowadays, saying “When we were kids we never had any of this” … Sucks was duly presented the new winter hat shit to wear(of course).

Abandoned Pussy was crying that her hash shit wasn’t given away…  so of course she got to keep it!
Roaring Nancy asked the RA 3 times during the run who was the RA for the night.  Tighty thought perhaps we should change his name to Al Zhimers since Dimentia is taken, and properly downed him for annoying the R.A.

Bare Down There was changing in Spitting Balls’ car before the run. We don’t know if that meant just putting clothes on, if there was a reason they fell off of her in the first… there was a lot of skin, feet on the rook, and tattoos flying around inside that car.  It sounded like a high school parking moment much more than a simple change.  More to come… or not…

Finally, Twisted Sister and Hardly drank their half yards in celebration of 1000 runs.  They are only the 5th and 6th (or 6th and 5th) in CH3 history to endure that many On-Ins!  Twisted Sister was kind enough to drink slow enough so that they finished together!  Way to go Twisty!
Master Beater

Frozen Face

See photos from the Run!