#1792 – Bare Balls Run

Hares : Bare Down There & Spitting Balls
WhereStix Sports Bar, 5255 Richmond Road SW
Big Rock: Swallow it; don’t spit
Attendance: 37

Snevel does the Reverse Cowgirl

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Bare Balls Run

More incredibly great weather greeted the Calgary H3 kennel again as they set on a Bare Down There and Spittin Balls run through the neighborhoods near Styx Pub.   It was a straight forward trail, no messing around.  Plenty of trail markings and arrows, and lots and lots of dogs.  Seems the Hash has caught on that Hash Mattress Rubbermade is an animal lover!  Seeing her face glow when either a shaved squirrel on a leash or some type of canine/rodent genetically modified experiment proceeded to shit in the Hash circle…  was priceless!  The whole hash could feel the love!

Lay ‘em and Shack Shock were caught with technology on trail.  And Pink Meat was brought up mostly because the Calgary Hash had not been able to sing the Australian song in way too long of a span.  Bare Down There was downed for the genetic experiment shit in the circle,  and Sucks Everything for whizzing on trail, which is a reason to show off his wanker.

Men O Pause drank a large tankard of beer for his 169th run.  This was important to later in the night as Rubbermade had earmarked Pause as being the one she could hand off the half yard if she ran into trouble.  Her plan had to be changed.

With young guns setting the trail, Religious Adviser Dr. Phil felt compelled to tell some of the best pedophile jokes told in the hash…  assuming it has been done before.

The highlight (and much of the evening) was taken by Rubbermade as she sipped the half yard like it had never been sipped before for her 350th run.

Quickly, the aging Doctor ran out of steam, and suddenly there were copious amounts of free beer for the hashers!   Oh what a great and giving R.A. we have!!

On On!

Master Beater


Daisy Duke's beer cup fez