1804 – Who’s Your Master Run

Hare : Masterbeater & Pink Meat
Where: Master Beater & Pink Meat’s Crantucky Love Palace
Big Rock: Goes Well with Whiskey and Grilled Critter Bits
Religious Advisor: Dementia
Attendance: 30

Doris Day rides a 'Roo

See photos from the Run!

On a night when I marked the trail 3 times due to torrential rains, I was asking myself “what the hell?”  The whole damn hash (well only about 100 of them) all jumped the trail to the Regroup anyway!!  Problem?…  well yeah, when its the SECOND Regroup, and the alcohol is waiting at the FIRST regroup!

Wildlife count – 2 Eagles and a nest (unconfirmed how many eaglets), a coyote, many deer, a duck’s nest, a leg bone to a deer, a stuffed monkey, an owl, many mosquitos.  Pretty decent for an urban run in Cran-tucky!

Hot Cheeks, Tight Lips, and Hardley all managed to find true trail, run the best shiggy I could find, do a swamp crossing, duck through deer trails, bushwack through the underbrush, and climb one massive hill to the jello shots on RG 1 where the remainder of the hash had finally made their way over.

A few hardy hashers later followed the true trail for the trip to RG 2, going for a fun rip down the valley.

The weather held, Dastardly and Thunder Tits’ baked beans were enjoyed with swill and smokies.  Some whiskey’s were sampled, Dementia laid out the religion – it was a good night in the Deep South for the hash!


Master Beater