2160 – Hope you enjoyed the weather on Saturday

Hares : Snevil
Where : Inn on Officers Garden, 150 Dieppe Dr SW
Attendance : 23 (in multiple groups of fewer than 10)

Image not actually taken on trail, but a fair representation nonetheless.

She who sucks no Evil (a.k.a Snevil) set a most head spinning trail. We did feel bad for her that she had to set it in pretty horrific weather (compared to Saturday’s patio weather), but such is the life of a Calgary hasher.

No worries though: she got her revenge by circle-jerking us to death.The 6:30 crew got so delirious that we lost true trail shortly after that and started wandering aimlessly through Rutland Park. We did eventually find our way back to the beer.

This was never a problem for King Shit and Sticky Lips, who stumbled upon Wild Rose Brewery immediately at the start of their “walking trail”. King Shit claims to have followed the arrows.

Arrows never lie