2161 – Red Deer Hashers Reunion Run

Hares : Camshaft and Mmmm….Ladyfingers
Co-Hares : I Killed Kenny and Straddlepuss (Red Deer expats)
Where : Mid Sun Community Centre, 50 Midpark Rise SE
Attendance : 22 (in multiple groups of fewer than 10)

Strange hieroglyphics sighted on trail

So, because I didn’t actually run trail, this week’s Scribblings will be a mix of hearsay, lies and other made up sh!t (as opposed to the usual mix of just lies and made up sh!t).

Here is what transpired on trail this week, in no particular order:

  • the hares used weird “Red Deer” marks, which was very difficult to adjust to, particularly for the folks in the 7pm group who really don’t like change. To them, it was the hash equivalent of speaking in Tongues.
  • The Po-Po must have been tipped off about suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood and started circling the 6:30 group. It made King Shit dump his stash of girl guide cookies and actually run, for a change. Turns out the Fuzz was after a group of much more dangerous kids on skateboards.
  • Lying Sack of Sh¡t was once again seen going into a bush to do some shady business. It appears that this is a weekly occurrence.
  • Hare I Killed Kenny, despite setting trail just 4 hours prior to the run, was very cumfused and couldn’t remember which way was what. It didn’t help that the marks were very parsimoniously placed. Maybe there’s a chalk shortage? I blame Covid.

Regardless, everyone found their way back to the regroup where they each drank their own beer, while being physically distant (and mentally out there).

Scoobie can drink in two languages, too!