2162 – Hash Country for Old Men

Hares : Can You Hear Me Now and Aunty Frank (?)
Where : King George School, 2108 10th St. NW
Attendance : 20-something (in multiple groups of fewer than 10)

Math is hard, but hashers are harder.

Can You Hear Me Now and Aunty Frank (maybe? Was he even there?) delighted us with a wonderful trail that covered varied terrain. Proving that they are indeed “Old Men” and losing their marbles, the hares forgot to mention that they used flagging, on top of the myriad of chalk marks featured above.

This week marked Snevil’s 800th. She is still quite spry and could easily pass for a hasher in her 400’s. It was noticed that she disappeared on trail, with Daisy Duke AND Roaring Nancy. Whatever were they up to??

The highly elusive short-limbed Prairie Snevil in her natural habitat

Despite CYHMN’s promises of a “no killer run”, the Eagle trail took us on a treacherous urban cliff and had hashers grabbing at shrubbery for dear life. I’m happy to report that everyone survived (which I guess fulfilled the hare’s promise).

There are no reports of anything that went on with the 7pm group, proving the adage: “What happens with the 7-Crew stays with the 7-Crew”.

The next few weeks will have us back to running alone (or in smaller groups). We made the most of it this week, while we still could.

On-On and stay safe out there!