2163 – A Plague Upon Your Hashes

Hares : Pull My Woody and Sticky Lips
Where : West Hillhurst Community Association, 1940 6 Ave NW
Attendance : 25 (running separately)

The Creation of Hash

This week marked the first trail set since the latest set of mandatory restrictions. Because the Calgary Hash House Harriers are responsible law-abiding citizens, hares set trail but hashers were asked to run trail on their own or in groups that follow the current health measures.

Scavenger Hunt Items

a bus or train stop
a construction site
a “sold” realtor sign
a massage parlour
a tree with Xmas lights
(dick pics optional)

Trail was well marked (with V’s for on, C’s for checks and X’s for checkback) and left very little room for error, unless your name is Haywood Jablömee, in which case you ran every which way, paying little attention to marks and made the trail 19km long. Even your Strava gave up on you and reported back in two separate segments.

He looks pretty pleased with himself too.

The rest of us underachievers kept it real and stuck to the #realeagle or turkey trails.

The hare apparently forgot what he was doing half way through marking. Squirrel!

Carry On-On!