2164 – Epic Sun & Run Covid Combo for Five!!

Hares : Liquor Lots, Oozie Pizzle Panties, Dastardly
Where : Bowmont Park, 85 St NW, Calgary
Attendance : 29 (running separately)

This week again, hashers were asked to run trail on their own or in groups that follow the current health measures. Safety Third!

Scavenger Hunt Items

  • a snake ?
  • waterfall ?
  • a train ?
  • a wheelchair ♿
  • a non-hashers dog ?
  • a bicycle ??‍♀️
  • hasher in a bikini ?
  • (optional ball pic)

It’s always a treat when veteran hasher Dastardly helps set trail. The hares did a remarkable job in this gem of a location. It was hard, wet, and slippery. We got high and we went down. The hares promised an 8k true trail and they delivered just that: no underselling, no over-delivering.

This was also the trail of many milestones:

  • King Shit ran his 1500th, securing his spot as the Runner Up to the Hash’s biggest loser title. Get a life, King Shit!
  • The beautiful Mucky Dip (569 runs) 69’ed fellow 69-er…
  • Liquor Lots (69 runs). Lesbians are best, boys!

Depending on when you ran trail, you may have run into Bownesian yoots loitering by the river, throwing caution to the wind and empties into the Bow. Tsk tsk.

Yours truly, PMS