2169 – Another Pyro 69

Hares : Pyro
Where : Baker Park, Bowness
Attendance : 26
(*walkers and runners formed two separate groups of fewer than 20)

Our return to near-normal hashing habits had a few archived hashers come out of the WOODwork (namely: Insane Bolt, Hung Loose and Liquor Lots’s dad Denis).

3/4 of last week’s virgins came for the second time (Tom, Chuck – aka Trouble Maker – and Aichee) . It’s nice to see that we put off only 25% of newcummers.

Despite his old age, Pyro proved that he can still make us wet, give us wood(s), and make it last too! He likes to keep us going for a long time. Hump the Shark commented that he got in balls deep, so Pyro must have done something right. It was unclear if Pyro got help from Insane Bolt or not, as the latter was sighted so far off trail (even by Dastardly’s standards) that he clearly had no idea of where he was going.

Hardly was sorry to have missed the bum floss paddle boarder, but made up for it by spotting a slippery wet beaver.

Mmmmmmh Ladyfingers was trying to pawn off her goods for money, whilst PMS was quite happy giving hers away for free. Multiple hashers came away satisfied.

Get a LIFE! Two milestones this week:

  1. Hump the Shark ran his 169th run;
  2. Princess Monkey Spanker celebrated her 350th.