2170 – School’s out for summer run

Hares : Ms A. Pussy, Ms H. Cheeks, Ms, P. Monkey-Spanker
Where: Pearce Estate Park, 440 17a St SE, Calgary
Attendance : 39
(*walkers and runners formed two separate groups of fewer than 20)

This was by far the HOTTEST run of the year, expertly set by our teacher-harriettes (if I do say so myself*. ). The pack was delighted to be offered refreshing snacks , and two recesses while on trail. Because our harriettes believe in equal opportunities and “no hashers left behind”, they set up a Hash Hold towards the end of trail, ensuring that the whole group came together.

No milestones this week, but a couple of noobs:

  1. Andra (Hung Loose’s delightful offspring)
  2. Cum on ‘er (ex Red Deer, now 100% CH3)
  3. Wet Spot (idem)

Speaking of noobs: we also had the second cumming of noobie John. It was explained to him that he doesn’t need Strap-On Crampon to come. He can come by himself.

Because Red Deer Hashers don’t have the level of sophisti-ma-cations that us Calgarians have, Cum on ‘er was spotted urinating on trail. Tsk Tsk.


*If you want impartial scribblings, write them yourself!