2171 – July 1 Run

Hares : Twisted Sister, Hardly, Rashy Bush and Stool Stuffer
Where: Nose Hill Park (Peckers Point), 5620 14 St NW
Attendance : 19

Hardly looks like he’s breathing rather heavily, no?

This run tied last Monday’s run as the HOTTEST run of the year. I’m told* it was a short one and people gathered for some backside fun afterwards. I’m unsure whether Stool Stuffer got his meat out this time, but I sort of remember Hardly and Twisted Sister mentioning that everybody would get wiener. There is no photographic evidence however (not here anyway. You may want to try your luck on some other site).

Get a life! Two milestones this week:

  1. Hardly at 1350 runs
  2. Twisted Sister at 1350 runs

What a coincidence, say you? Nah. Despite being married for a bazillion years, these two always ensure that they come together.


*If you want more accurate scribblings, write them yourself!