2177 – Booty Blower Bonanza

Hares : Booty Camp & Snow Blower
Where: Murdoch Park, 9 St NE & Centre Ave NE
Attendance : 26

The hash’s sexiest couple (the Boo-Blow) had the pack tickled pink with a delightful trail that would have made the Grand Ol’ Duke of York proud.

Because it was a holiday trail, most hashers were expecting a slightly shorter affair. But in a shocking turn of events, the Boo-Blow kept us going for over 5k. (This was the opposite scenario to last week’s short trail shocker.)

No milestones this week, but a hasher was Pabst™ized (i.e. named). This week, Just Jonathan finally managed to make himself come (without the assistance of Strap On Crampon). Few people recognized him as he had shed his facial hair and lost his mullet. He also made the BIG mistake of mentioning the Half-M-Word he ran a few weeks prior. A few names were briefly considered (1. Cums By Himself, 2. Half Wit), before settling on a winner (courtesy of Frogodile Hunter). John will henceforth be known to the hash as: “Business in the Back“.

Speaking of: after regroup, Froggie did some shady back alley deals that can honestly be described as “grabbing cans for pussies”. Make of it what you will.

Because no appears to have taken photos of the run, here is a pretty car that was sighted on trail.

On on!