2178 – The Caped Crusader Run

Hares : Dementia
Where: Local 403, 380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Attendance : 21

After over a year’s absence (I think?) Harrierette Dementia finally remembered about the hash and even offered to hare. Dementia’s trails are like a box of penises, you never know what you’re gonna get. This one was very short, yet Dementia was convinced that it was twice as long as what we measured.

Dementia also forgot how to mark and used a variety of marks such as batman masks and orange balloons.

A momentous milestone this week: Dastardly entered the new millennium. To celebrate his 1000th run, Dastardly was handed a yard of beer, which he downed with much aplomb.

In other news, we had a threesome of virgins: newly named “Business in the back” made his friend David come, Never Bin brought a friend (Jen?) and Rashy Bush brought the fruit of her loin (Anna?).