2179 – PMS’s Swan Song

Hares : Princess Monkey Spanker
Where: Boobie Grove (Bebo Grove), 13610 24 St SW, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 30 + 3 half pints

Finally, PMS gets to talk about herself in the third person. She’s very pleased about that.

PMS opted to set one last trail mere days before she embarks on her European adventure. [Wave at the eastbound Westjet flight you see on Friday night (19:30ish)]

The hare was concerned for the pack’s health and well-being (the Air Quality Health Index was at 9 when trail was set), so hashers had the option to keep it short and sweet. Luckily the AQHI went way down to 3 by 7pm so keeners/race-ists were safely able to follow the Eagle trail if they so chose. The trail was absolutely stellar, if I do say so myself.

Harrierette OPP “didn’t know” about the new shoe rule (i.e. you never wear new shoes hashing) and tried to pull the wool over the RA’s eyes by changing into her old runners for down downs. And a down down she got! From her old shoe! She took it like a champ, though.
Basher Hung Loose showed up after the run in perfectly fitted 501’s and loafers, for which he got the new Hat Shit (Safety Third!). Wanting to atone for his sins, he even volunteered to drink out of his slip-on.

A milestone, a naming and a virgin this week:
Snow Blower has been blowing for 169 weeks. Lucky Booty Camp!
• Business in the Back’s buddy David will henceforth be known to us as “Lazy Cummer“. He was supposedly too lazy to come when he and B.i.B went off trail and into the bushes.
• Liquor Lots’s friend Alicia came out! She is unlikely to come back, as she is apparently moving to Bermuda! Fuck you, Alicia!

On On (and Fuck off!)