2180 – AP’s afternoon Delight

Hares : Abandoned Pussy
Where: Hull’s Wood, Fish Creek
Attendance : 20?

AP invited the pack to enjoy Hull’s Wood this Monday night. (Who the hell is Hull anyway??) The evening was brisk, so there must have been significant shrinkage.

Regroup and down downs happened at the circle benches – where AP planned to “do cult like things, like sacrifice virgins” (her words). There are not reports of sacrificed virgins, however.

This scribe was not present, so here are some trail reviews found on Yelp:

Hot Cheeks
Shiggy was on point tonight! Lots of it and a fun trail! Drizzle for the down downs but of course with beer in hand, we did not melt. Thanks AP!!

Skewbic Hair
That’s a pretty big piece of chalk!

I think Skewbie has chalk envy.

On on!