2182 – The Hare & The Purpose?

Hares : Was there one? Lying Sack of Shit said he was…
Where: Joyce on 4th, Calgary AB
Attendance : 10

S-H-I, T-T-Y, T-R-A-I-L,
Shitty trail, (It sucked!)
Shitty trail, (It really sucked!)
The motherlover set a shitty trail;
I’d rather drink another beer
Than run your shitty trail.
S-H-I, T-T-Y, T-R-A-I-L

I guess that’s what we get for entrusting LSOS to “live hare” at the last minute! No one found trail. Thankfully only ten suckers showed up this week (and that’s including the hare!)

Let that be a lesson for everyone! People better sign up to hare.