2184 – Oh, HILL NO!!

Hares : The BooBlow (Booty Camp and Snow Blower)
Where: Felker Park, Calgary
Attendance : 27.5 (27 + one half pint)

The Hash’s loudest burpers stepped up to the plate again and gave us the gift of trail. One that could be followed to boot! Thank you.

There are a few pictures available of this week’s trail, although Stool Stuffer’s meat stole the show on the Facebook feed.

A.P did not get the red shirt memo.

This virgin very bravely brought his very small child to his first hash. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Could Booty Camp *be* any more beautiful? I think not.

And now for the main event: Stooly’s meat.

On out!

Wish you were here,