2187 – Liquor Lots’s Birthday Bonanza Extravaganza

Hares : OPP and Liquor Lots
Where: Liquor Lots’s Lair, Erlton, Calgary
Attendance : 26

OoooOoooh, tonight’s run looks like it was – in Hot Cheeks’s words – a GOODR. She is a little biased though, as she was (as per her own recounting of events) the 🥇WIENER🥇. Hashing being a strictly non-competitive … errr… “sport” (?), she got punished for her race-ism.

Our two hares provided us with a beauty of a trail and delivered on the weather too! There were stairs, ups and downs, bushwhacking and a ton of checkbacks which kept the front running bastards in check(back)! Because … you know… fall, headlamps are no longer optional. Slippy Thong didn’t get that memo and apparently got lost in the bush. Race-ist Hot Cheeks pointed out that Slippy was Dead Fucking Last by a good twenty minute margin. 🎗(Here’s Slippy’s participation ribbon)

Look at this beautiful round number of km’s. Ooooooh baby. 💦

OPP and birthday girl Liquor Lots (Hashy Birthday, Fuck You!)

On Out,



(don’t forget me!)