2188 – Thanksgiving Run – Turkey Trail

Hares : Pyro and Liquor Quicker
Where: Tuscany Tim Horton’s
Attendance : 13

The health measures and current Covid situations being what they are, our annual Thanksgiving Run did not include the usual potluck turkey feast. Still, in its place, Pyro and Liquor Quicker offered to provide us with a Turkey trail* instead.

It was cold. Too cold for most people to take pictures, apparently. One person did take pictures and they both feature Insane Bolt who did NOT experience shrinkage in the cold, au contraire! Just look at that bulge!

Milestones were celebrated in style, by our very own bard Dastardly. He fancied himself as a bit of a poet and treated the attendees to limericks (or something approaching limericks). Here they are, recorded for posterity on the information superhighway:

Slippy Thong – 100
Lying Sack – 300

Some of you may enjoy multiple O’s
But there is a couple here we all know
Don’t Follow convention
And names I now mention
Because she came three times less than her beau

Skewbic Hare – 969

So you want to do two at a time
But wonder how it’s best to align?
Or what’s the best ratio
For doing fellatio?
Then ask one who’s done nine sixty-nine

On on!

*Hares can choose to set trails with Turkey / Eagle Splits, which are two ways to get to the same place. Turkey is easier and/or shorter. Eagle is longer and/or more challenging. Because it’s Thanksgiving, our gracious hares may only set a Turkey trail?? Still, it’s Pyro we’re talking about and his Turkey may very well be another hare’s Eagle, so…