2190 – Halloweenie Run

Hares : Strap-On Crampon, Hot Cheeks, Business in the Back & Lazy Cummer
Where: Flavelle Park, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 24

This sexy foursome volunteered to hare the ultimate run before Hallowe’en.

Here are some tales from the trail:

? Snevil was short on cash for hash cash and had to duck off trail and do some shady dealings at the gas station to get some.
? Virgin hares Business in the Back and Lazy Cummer laid a splendid trail although there were some complaints that their marks were too small. If their H’s are small, how big can their D’s be?
? In the true spirit of Hallowe’en, Lay ’em got bitten by a rabid creature at the end of trail. See him transition in the next few days and watch your ankles next week!
? More preoccupied by getting to the beer first than anything else, Skewbic Hair abandoned his paramour Mucky Dip in distress with a malfunctioning headlamp.
? We had a visitor this week, all the way from Bermuda! When Bermudans get tired of the nice weather, they come to Calgary – in late October – to spice things up. There are conflicting rumors that he was here evading taxes or some such thing.

On on, and Godspeed!