2191 – Exhausted Teechers Run – is it June yet?

Hares : Ms Cheeks & Ms Pussy
Where: Ramsay Rink, Calgary
Attendance : 22

All over the world, teachers report being ‘June tired,’ even though it’s only October. Luckily for us, our ”tehashers” (teacher-hasher hybrid) have a secret supply of energy just for hashing. And because they’re true leaders, they can even take on haring. Not all heroes wear capes.

Yes, teachers are heroes. They are also assholes. This particular brand of assholes took the pack on a series of long check-backs and past breweries that hashers were not allowed to go in, despite the frigid temperatures.

All was well that ended well though (Hot Cheeks and AP always provide happy endings). The pack regrouped – cold and exhausted – and our more technologically savvy hashers (nerds!) had clocked the run at around 10km.

All 22 hashers got to further cool down with a nice frosty beverage.

On on!