2193 – Contain’er or Not?

Hares : Dastardly, Lay’Em, and Karate Klit
Where: Container Site, Calgary
Attendance : 22

Karate Klit, Lay’em in Snow and Dastardly set a most wonderful trail through scenic and hip Sunnyside.

Camshaft succinctly summarized the trail in these words: “The hares took the runners all over the area, including going onto the Rosedale Ridge, then back down the f’ing hill to the north side of Sunnyside then across 10th street back up the f’ing hill to the south SAIT parking lot back down a goat trail to Riley Park, then crossing into Hilhurst, then over to the Bow River and across the bridge. Eventually the runners ended up back in Sunnyside to try find the elusive TVP for a big tree view point.”

Woah, that description took almost as long to read than it did for the pack to run the actual trail! And that trail was over 7kms of fun!

It was reported that Slippy avoided the “Big Woody” tree because it wasn’t worth her time. It is a well known fact that Slippy does not like big wood. What does boyfriend Lying Sack have to say for himself?

After the run, the pack regrouped by the containers and RA Snevil aptly punishes all evil doers.