2194 – November Tutu

Hares : Snevil
Where: Reader Rock Garden, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 22 (I made that number up)
Actual attendance: 23

As for any Hashes occurring on a 22nd, hashers are encouraged, nay mandated to run in a tutu (2-2). Now in theory, the hare too wears a tutu to her own run. But not this hare, noooo. Snevil does whatever the fuck she wants. And apparently, the RA let her get away with it.

To make up for Snevil’s tutulessness, Rashy Bush delighted hashers and passers-by with a lighted (lit?) tutu that matched the colours of the Calgary skyline. Get lit!

This run was blessed with one visitor: I was told they’re Begging For It. Is that their name? Is that just a statement? I’m not sure. A New Boot was also present and archived Hung Loose.

Pyro celebrated his birthday yesterday and he is said to have turned 69 again. The man won’t go past 69.

Liquor Lots’ dog Poppy smelled a big fat beaver on trail. Liquor Lots and Abandoned Pussy were later on talking about what would happen if they couldn’t use their fingers. If she couldn’t use her fingers AP’d just bury her face and eat. 

There were other allegations of sexual offenses on trail and AP (her again!) reported that Cam Shaft said he would “throw her down on a mat & wreck her ass”. Yikes.

On On!