2195 – Daisy’s Delight

Hares : Daisy Duke
Where: Richmond Community Park SW, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 21

BYOW (Bring Your Own Wood) were the instructions for this week’s trail. Things got H-O-T indeed!

Trail was as delightful as Daisy always sets them, with the added advantage that all three trailblazin’ Front Running Bastards (🥇 Insane Bolt, 🥈Maple, 🥉Hump The Shark) did all the hard work for the rest of the pack. In this version of the Tortoise and the Hare, the hares hurried at the front and the many tortoises stopped at Sneevz’s House for some beers (except for Mucky Dip who never got the memo and probably blamed Skewbic Hare for it). Never one to miss out on free beer, Skewb was reportedly guilty of B&Eer-ing (i.e: breaking and entering in order to steal a beer).

Many other offenses occurred on trail but poor Sneevz inherited the Hat Shit, despite opening her house to free-loaders. She does wear it well, though.

In a similar vein of under-appreciation, Hot Cheeks complained that the fire at the regroup wasn’t a “Rinaldi Fire”. How hot does she want her cheeks to be??!

We had the surprise visit of an OooOooooOoOold archive, On-In. There was some debate as to who was oldest in attendance but since Pyro was present, it was quickly settled that he deserved the Old Fogy award that night. Can You Hear Me Now sighed a sigh of relief.

On On!