2196 – Pyro’s Revenge

Hares : Pyro
Where: Crowchild Twin Arena NW, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 18

Based on the length and shiggy level of Pyro’s runs on a regular day, it’s surprising that anyone even showed up on a day when he’s apparently so angry that he needs to seek revenge (dun dun duuuuun). Why was the run named that? No one knows. Probably just Skewbic Hair’s flair for the dramatic and the fact that it looked cool on the website.

If you’ve never met Pyro, he’s this sweet looking older gentleman, cuter than a garden gnome. But looks are deceiving: he’s a mean motherf%$^er. He’ll make you run through vipers’ nests and scale boulders if he gets the chance.

Surprisingly though, there were no vipers sighted or boulders scaled. In fact, it was said that some runners finished only minutes after the walkers. What exactly happened? Was the running trail exceptionally short or did the walkers feel particularly ambitious? –> Mmmmmh Lady Fingers (a most reliable tale teller) mentioned that the walking trail was long and hard and that the runners were good-for-nothing short-cutters. She’s still bitter that they did not get punished for it.

Dastardly – who is known to go wandering off on his own – finished DFL (Dead F$%^ing Last) again. There was some speculation that his tongue got stuck on a pole.