2197 – Grey Cup Day – Run and Drink?

Hares : Daisy Duke, Skewbic Hair and Lay’em In Snow
Where: Bitter Sisters Brewing Company, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 18

Out of the 20 possible combinations for this year’s Grey Cup, we ended with a game between the Hamilton… Tiger-Cats ? (WTF?) and the Winnipeg… Blue Bombers (not a military reference apparently, in case you wondered).

Let’s go with the “blotched tabby cat” definition.

So because no one really cared about the outcomes of this game, we had a hard time finding a hare for it.

Luckily, our trio of hares (Daisy, Scoobie and Lay’em In Snow) stepped up to the plate (that’s football lingo, right?). They delivered a trail that no one complained about. In fact no one said anything about it. It might as well not have happened. Just like that football match.

So the game happened, the trail happened and then there was much rejoicing in the form of appies & beers at Bitter Sisters. Now, *that*’s worth mentioning.

On Out!