2198 – Run For the Hills!

Hares : Cam Shaft and Mmmmmh Ladyfingers
Where: West Confederation Park Depot parking lot, Calgary, AB
Attendance : 15.5

‘T’was a chillier evening than in previous weeks, which may explain the low turn out? (Bunch of fair-weather hashers!!)

Still, the beautiful Christmas decorations lifted spirits and warmed up hearts! (And so did the beers and Pyro’s fire)

Hot Cheeks ooooh’ed and aaaah’ed throughout trail, particularly when she bumped into this display of Cam Shaft’s excitement.

She was reportedly very pleased she did not forget her rubbers, though I wonder if they were big enough??

Cam Shaft was so excited in fact that he FRB’ed the whole trail. That dude always has to cum first. Oh, and did we mention that he was HARING?? Stay at the back, hare! Let the pack figure it out!

As per usual Dastardly did his own thing and was nowhere to be seen on trail. He always finds his way back to the regroup though. It was said that Lay’em In Snow opted to detour as well, taking Blue Balls and Pyro with him. Whatever happens off trails, stays off trail.

Strap-on Crampon (left) RA’ed and did a helluva job (I assume).

Here are some more photos taken on trail:

On on!