2201 – Another DecemBRRRr Run

Hares : Abandoned Pussy
Where: Blackbird Public Urban Bar, High River Calgary, AB
Attendance : 10

Once again, it was – stupid° C in Calgary, even as faaaar south as Auburn Bay. King Shit insists that the record for coldest YYC Hash was not broken. He is basing this on some Excel spreadcheeks he’s compiled somewhere. What a nerd.

AP enlisted Touché to help her set trail. What a trouper, that kid.

True trail was a reasonable 2¼ km. She called true trail the “Eagle” Trail. Now, for the people in the back, let’s review Hash Basics: hares sometimes set 2 trails, one called “Eagle” (longer and harder), the other one called “Turkey” (shorter and flacid). Because it was soooooo cold, AP specified that her Eagle had Covid and broken wings while the Turkey was the leftover carcass from Christmas dinner.

3 hashers (Rashy Bush, Stool Stuffer and Hump the Shark) opted to take the “Eagle” trail and 2 took the Turkey trail. Because Skewbic Hair arrived late (as the runners were making it back), Heroic Hump redid trail with him. What a Mensch!

Down downs were short and sweet to allow for more time at the pub.

On on!