2202 – ?New Year Tacky Formal?

Hare: Stool Stuffer
Where: Lynwood Park SE, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 13

Hashers in attendance today:
✔ Booty Camp
✔ Daisy Duke
✔ Dastardly
✔ Hardly
✔ King Shit
✔ Lay’em in Snow
✔ Liquor Lots
✔ Rashy Bush
✔ Skewbic hair
✔ Snow Blower
✔ Stool Stuffer ?
✔ Tighty Whitey
✔ Twisted Sister

Tacky formals are always a fun way to see how people manage to get decked out in ridiculous outfits that they are still able to run in. (Pro-tip: 80’s cocktail attire and athletic wear are both a lurex/poly-blend. Coincidence?? I think not!). This year however, disappointingly, few people ventured out of their regular hash comfort zone. A few hashers did make an effort: we saw a couple of tuxedo t-shirts (the Twisdlies), one actually tuxedo jacket & bow tie (King Shit) and a mystifying nubuck chaps and corduroy jacket combo (Daisy Duke. Who else?). An honorable mention goes to Rashy Bush with her glittery cum-merbund (!).

Stoolie brought us the longest run of 2022. Seriously now, he had notified – nay, warned – that his trail would be “of average length or longer” ?. His reasoning was that since temps were “tropical” (i.e. nearing 0°C), it was the perfect opportunity to take ourselves out of hibernation and do an actual regular length trail. None of this carshing or 600 m trail nonsense.

On On and Hashy New Year!