2203 – The Big ? Run

Hares: Scoobie and Dastardly
Where: Heritage Park – Big H, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 10

If you don’t hash regularly with the Calgary Hash House Harriers, you probably don’t know that Skewbic Hair (Scoobie) is obsessed with the Big H at the entrance of Heritage Park. In fact, he’s obsessed with the Reservoir as a whole and even has his secret little drinking spot there somewhere. If he likes you enough, he may even let you in on the secret.

Today, Skewbic (with the help of the Dastard) took the pack through his regular stomping grounds. Hashers found that trail was well marked, despite the hare’s forewarning that some marks may have disappeared on Sunday night. Scoobie used a combination of “yellow” flagging (that’s his use of quotation marks), red chalk, green chalk and white chalk to keep the pack titillated. Trail was around 4km short.

Because of the inclement weather, down down were kept to a minimum:

  • The hares were sung the F-R-E-E-Z-Y T-R-A-I-L song (a surprising twist on the ol’ S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L)
  • Snevil offloaded the hat shit back to Hot Cheeks, who showed no gratitude whatsoever for the extra warmth. (The offence? Excessive F-bombing… Who knew that was offensive?? ?)
  • Daisy Duke was called out for trying to impersonate Nanook of the North (I’m assuming he was wearing his thrift store bearskin coat).
  • King Shit had a senior moment and confused Hardly with Dreary.
  • Lay ’em In Snow was called out for… walking ?
“Hardly cold at all” – Liquor Lots.