#1778 – The Hasher Games

Hares : Granny Panties & Running Dry
Where: Bella Roma Restaurant
Big Rock: with pizza!
Attendance: 33


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As a cold and icy night falls on The Capitol (AKA Calgary), the people from the districts gather together to see who will be chosen for the down-downs.

District Sets a Long Ass Run in The Cold: Grannie Panties and Running Dry

District Can’t Hold a Note in the Choir: Masterbeater and Baby

District Stalker: Roaring Nancy and Tighty Whitey (Tighty is leaving his clothes at Roaring’s, so he has an excuse to always go back.

District Too Much to Scribe on Her: Dementia (taking hooker phone calls while on trail)

District Threesome: King Shit, Pyro and Thunder Tits (Watch out for her, boys! She is a man user on trail!)

District Slap a Bitch (AKA Lac La Biche): Archive Goes Both Ways

District Xmas Party Crew: Spitting Balls, Buried Pleasure, Dr. FIll and Frigid Beaver

District Nerds: Skewbic and Menage a Trois

District Down on Trail: Twisty

District No Life: Comes and Goes (his 200th run)

District New Guy: Tim (Now be known as “Lying Sack of Shit” for trying to invent his own hash name of Hackysack)

May The Odds Be Ever in Your Beer!

Effy (AKA Abandoned Pussy)