2207 – Anal Ski Trip Post-Skiing Hash

Hares: Lay’em in Snow
Where: Castle Mountain Resort, ‘berta
On In: T-Bar
Attendance: 16
RA: Abandoned Pussy, probably

This anal ski trip is an opportunity for the select few who found the golden shower ticket to gather at Castle Mountain, ski during the day and hit the T-Bar.

What happens in Castle stays in Castle, except for the few tales, videos and photos that were leaked on social media. Here is what (we gather and guess) happened:

  • people skied and bitched about the snow
  • Hot Cheeks brought the ShotSki out
  • hashers went into the hot tub
  • Skewbic Hair stole other hashers’ beers
  • Lay’em In Snow offered to take people to his secret little babbling brook and be one with nature
  • hashers stumbled around the parking lot and called it a numbered hash run.
  • PMS’s outstanding playlists were sorely missed.

On On!
PMS (compiler of extraordinary playlists)