2210 – V is for V❤️lentine!

Hares: Scoobie and the Return of the Dastardly
Where: Southland Leisure Centre, Calgary, AB
On-In: Swigs Pub & Grill, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 10?? That’s it?!
RA: Tighty Whitey

Well, well, well. Look what the hare dragged in. If it isn’t Dastardly.

?Guess who’s back, back again? Das’dly’s back, tell a friend ?

It is fitting that these two BFF’s would get bromantic on V-Day and set trail together, with marks as “special” as their special relationship.

Scoob promised a trail “easy to find, hard to follow”, whatever that means. Although Snevil was heard saying: “There were 4 true trail runners, and [the hares] lost us….”.

Supposedly, lots of preparation went into setting this trail: hares went on and on and ooooon about how it took them 2 ½ hours to set.

Attendance was quite low this week, maybe on account of it being Valentine’s Day?? King Shit posited that attendees included a handful of singletons, two hash couples (the Har-ty and the Skew-ky) and people who have been hashing for sooo long that their partners probably kicked them out of the house (King Shit, Snevil and Tighty Whitey).

We did have a couple of bashers: in true royal fashion, Hash-friendly Kim waved at admirers from her balcony. She was happy to join the pack for post run revelries but she won’t expand any energy going from A to B on anything but a bike or skis.

Another basher was Mucky Dip, who ran from her house at the end of down downs.

The paparazzi, waiting for her Royal Highness Kim

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Hardly and Twisty both went down on trail, but not on each other. It is said that everyone went down on this trail… Lucky trail! It was so slippery that it gave some hashers ideas for a new Olympic event.

Tighty Whitey was RA. He says he was “awesome” (his own words). Yet others said that he handled things hard and fast. It’s all a matter of perspective.

On On!