2222 – ✌️Two Oh Tutu Oh Two Tutu ✌️- Special Run

Hares: Daisy Deux-ke (what a Cutie Patwotie)
Where: Sandy Beach Park – West Access, Calgary, AB T2T 2V2
On-In: Wild Rose Brewing, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 22 (no it wasn’t, but let’s just say it was)

Looks like someone cooked the books for this run. Run #2222, on 22/2/22?? What a koinkidenk! The hares planned a run of 2.2+km with a start time of 7:22pm.

What wasn’t pre-planned however, is that the temperature at that time proved 2 be a serendipitous -22°C.

People wore their best tutus for the occasion.

On on!