2212 – 🦆 Duck You, Covid!

Hares: “Sniffle” and “Fever Cheeks”
Where: Inglewood Parking Lot, Calgary, AB
On-In: The Dirty Duck (the pub formerly known as Swans), Calgary, AB
RA: Hardly
Attendance: 17

One of our hares had a Covid scare over the weekend but tested negative – twice – and proceeded to set her “farewell Covid” trail. Wouldn’t it have been just her luck? Catching Covid on the last days before March 1st (when Covid magically disappears as per Alberta new health regulations)? Wouldn’t it have SUCKED??!

Reports (by the very objective and impartial hares) are that the trail was GREAT, as featured in this photo they took:

The hares had the pack run through a PG so that hashers could play (not with themselves for once).

Front running bastards (and other early finishers) couldn’t wait to get into the beers so Sucks Everything got his “Slim Jim” out (that’s what she said) and broke into Skewb’s car to get to the regroup beer.

Hardly RA’ed and didn’t miss anyone for down downs. Hash Shits exchanged hands and went from Skewbic Hair and Mucky Dip’s pasty paws to Mmmmh Ladyfingers and Camshaft’s bronzed mitts. It serves them right for rubbing their tan lines in everybody’s face…

Mmmmm Ladyfingers can send you pics of her other tan lines if you ask her nicely.

Everybody (who’s anybody) wore their red “Keep Hashing and Carry On On!” shirt (but some like to be different…. AP!).

And then people went to the pub, and there was much rejoicing.

Let’s all sit together and have a chat. What’s the worst that can happen?

Carry ON ON!