2213 – Humpy on a Rampage in the NW

Hare: Hump the Shark
Where: Crowfoot Baseball Park, Calgary, AB
On-In: Red Rock Bar and Grill, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 11
RA: Stool Stuffer probably

Hunky Humpy did a great trail
Hunky Humpy had a great ale
All of the hashers and every hariette
Really enjoyed that trail that he set!

Hump the Shark likes to do it everywhere. Sometimes he takes us to the SE (his special lady friend’s stomping grounds) but today he went back to his roots: the En-Dubya.

Some people complained that the driving time to the start of trail he advertised on the Facebook page was misleading and erroneous. At these gas prices, hashers like to plan ahead!!

But weirdly, no one complained that he had us run on an ice rink. Not even Stool Stuffer, who just came back from a month long vacation in Mexico!

Another job well done, Hump The Shark!