2216 – Tighty Whitey’s Best’est Shiggiest’est Fest.

Hares: Tighty Whitey
Where: Gators Sports Pub SW, Calgary, AB
RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 18

The run title says it all. Also, the meeting point was located near Fish Creek, so there was no way we were not getting shiggy. Hopefully, this did not put off our virgin hasher Matt (whom Insane Bolt made cum).

Hare Tighty Whitey likes to lurk around and take pictures of wet and dirty hashers:

Here are some of the tales that were reported:

  • Insane Bolt saw his first beaver today. Snevil gave him the ins and outs of how to catch one.
  • Noobie “Just Josh” (who took the liberty of calling himself ‘JJ’ (rookie mistake)) will henceforth be known as “Va-JJ”. A brilliant name, whoever came up with that.
  • There were Moose Track sightings on trail (see below).
  • Stool Stuffer came 169 times. This time, he came alone. Weird for a 169.
  • Strap-On Crampon and Hot Cheeks shared their strap-ons.

In other news, a few hashers celebrated/will celebrate their birthdays :
?Brokeback Mount Me’s was TODAY Mar 28
?Booty Camp’s was March23rd
? Lying Sack Of Shit’s is Apr 2nd.