2218 – Running in the ‘Hood

Hares: Hardly and (who else?) Dastardly, the perpetual co-hare
Where: Big Al’s Bar & Grill, Calgary, AB
RA: Hardly (wait, what? Hare AND RA?)
Attendance: 24

Just in time for Easter, today marked the first cumming of Hardly (as he is set to cum a second time next week – as hare again -, but this time with his wife).

This week, Hardly had Dastardly as a partner in crime. They both have been around so many of Calgary’s bushes that we hoped the hares would find shiggy even around Forest Lawn (Calgary’s most misleadingly-named neighbourhood). Turns out the hares gave us something of average length and not too hard in the end (so many innuendos…)

Since hashers couldn’t complain about trail being too long, they found something else to bitch about: the weather. It’s toooo cold, it’s toooo windy, waaah ?.

Silver lining: it was decided that the weather was sooo inclement that down-downs just had to be held indoors (after more than 2 years!).

Here are some of the things that happened today and that hashers got “punished” for:

  • Hashers from BC graced us with their presence and held choir;
  • Skewb had a limp ⁽ᵒⁿᵉ⁾ and couldn’t keep ⁽ᶦᵗ⁾ up;
  • Insane Bolt was propositioned on trail by a rando – that’s Forest Lawn for ya.
  • Lay’em’s dog took a shit during circle. That’s what he thinks of our nonsense.
  • Snevil did all the checkbacks (while Hot Cheeks did none of them).
  • Hardly, the one-man-hash, did everything today: set trail, pour the down down beer, RA. Like, come on people, get your shit together and help out a little!
  • Camshaft celebrated 250 runs
  • Pyro-the-Legend ran his 1300th trail today. As is tradition, he was given a half yard of warm swill to celebrate.

Based on the photos she took, it is clear that Hot Cheeks decided to start a Hashing Men Calendar. Here are the first 6 months:

??? (Princess Monkey Spanker)