2219 – Easter Bonnet Run

Hares: Twisty and Hardly
Where: Citizen Brewing Company, Calgary, AB
RA: Rashy Bush
Attendance: 17

When hashers say: “Hoppy Easter!”, it’s not some lame bunny joke. It just means they’re headed to one of many Calgary Breweries that serve obnoxiously hoppy IPA’s. This time, the gang met up at Citizen Brewing to enjoy a few cold ones.

But let’s backtrack. Before the rejoicing, some mild-to-moderate exercise happened. Hares Twisty and Hardly gave us a lovely trail with 367 369 checks, and it is said that Hump the Shark did all of them.

The hares

Because the hares are all about recycling and preserving resources, they reused the marks of the Full Moon run that Hardly (Full Moon name: Hard-On) set a few days earlier.

This trail was the trail of many momentous milestones:
? Hump the Shark celebrated 200 runs;
? King Shit seriously needs to find a new hobby, as he did his 1550th trail with the Calgary Hash House Harriers;
? Skewbic Hair ran his 1000th trail with us. He too needs to get a life.

Skewb is a proud man and – for his 1000th – did not want to display the same impotence we had witnessed last week. This week, he managed to get ⁽ᶦᵗ⁾ up and get into the action, albeit in the back.

Just Kristen still hasn’t been named. She’s very careful with what she says to avoid slip-ups that could be used against her.

In a follow up to Hot Cheeks’ photo shoot for her “Hashing Men Calendar”, here is the second semester: