2220 – Stairway to Heaven

Hares: Booty Camp and Snow Blower
Where: Ukrainian Church Renfrew, Calgary, AB
On-In: Fiddler’s Courtyard, Calgary, AB
RA: King Shit
Attendance: 23

?There’s a hasher who’s sure?
?All those steps are moot?
?And he’s “checking” the stairway to Heaven?
?When he gets down he knows?
?That the “X” is down below?
?And says a word much stronger than “Zut”?
?OoOoh and he’s climbing back the stairway to Heaven?

Here are the things that went down on this trail: all the suckers that went down the stairs at the start of trail just to find out that it was – of course (like, come on!!) – a ❌checkback❌!!

– Master Rooter and Knight Stalker blessed us with their presence, after many many weeks of absence;
– Worm and Not the Shilling came all the way from Thailand to run this CH3 trail.

Other things that happened include:
– Hashers wore blue and yellow to show support to the Ukrainian cause;
RRRA is said to have had vorrrst Ukrrrainian accint
– Dastardly kindly offered to guide the visitors and promptly proceeded to lose them on trail;
– Can You Hear Me Know (what a Mensch) chose to escort Mucky Dip on trail, but then got bored and ditched her;
– Liquor Lots, the hooker that she is, was called out by a gentleman for streetwalking. Oh no wait… Liquor Lots was called a “dirty whore” by a pig with a big truck and small wiener, for merely asking not to be run over by said truck. Stay classy, Alberta!
– OPP did shady deals from the back of her truck. King Shit got his merch’ so he’s happy;
– Va-JJ likes to switch it up between the front and the back;
– Hardly and Twisty – the hash’s closest thing to a royal couple – celebrated their 40 year jubilee.

Other momentous milestones were:
– Camshaft ran his 250th trail
– Mucky celebrated her 600th (how does she remain so young-looking??)

Because the Calgary Hash House Harriers is an equal opportunities group, Hot Cheeks decided to start shooting photos for her “Girls of Hashing” calendar. See those babes for yourself:

And here are other photos taken:

The cool kids (and Dastardly)
The circle

PMS (with input from Hot Cheeks and King Shit)