2224 – The Lovers’ Trail (aka “Do my fingers make you HOT?” trail)

Hares: CamShaft & Mmmmm Lady Fingers
Where: Mmmm Ladyfingers’s house
On-In: Jamieson’s in Brentwood
RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 29

Originally, Mmmmh Ladyfingers was going to get it on with Hot Cheeks but she chickened out at the last minute and decided not to stray from her husband. Therefore, instead of its original “Do my fingers make you hot?” title, I’ve renamed it the lovers’ trail.

There also happened to be lots of couples present tonight. As we know: couples who hash together, stay together!! (except when they don’t and then we sadly lose one of them.)

I am happy to say that my regular CI reported for duty and spilled all the tea!

Tales from the trail:

👣 Rare sight: The elusive Blue Balls stayed for down downs! He got one for showing up once every Blue Balls (and coincidentally also a lunar eclipse).
👣 Just Kirstin got down downed for being a racist (i.e. wearing a race shirt). You’re telling me there wasn’t a name in this?? This girl needs a name!!
👣 Hardly and Twisty saw John Cleese a few nights prior and did a silly walk on trail. 🤷‍♀️
👣 Stool Stuffer brought frozen beer on the warmest night yet. (IMO, the man needs a medal! Who doesn’t like Rocky Mountain cold beer on a warm night??)
👣 Auntie Frank and Hash Test Dummy need to go out more. Apparently they don’t have much to talk about as Hot Cheeks heard the same damn story separately from Auntie Frank and Hash Test Dummy while on the walking trail.
👣 Liquor Lots and Slippy Thong got a little aggressive during their hash cash duties: “Pay up or else!” There may or may not have been threats of kneecaps being broken.
👣 Hare CamShaft reneged on his hare duties of sweeping the trail and ensuring the pack’s welfare. He shortcutted his way back to the regroup. He even led some hashers astray, as he told Snevil and Christa to go one way and then went another! Shame!
👣 Insane Bolt ended up bi-shing (bike-hashing due to an “injury”). This landed him the Hash Cape, which – I take it – is a new Hash Shit??
👣 We beat our old record singing the El Camino Song whenTwisty and Hardly added a second verse. WOoohoOOo, two-verse streak!
👣 Balls Out came all the way from NY to buy new shoes because they are cheaper in Alberta! We all toasted his saving$ by making him drink out them.

📁 Archives:
– Balls Out and
– Christa (2nd run)

PMS (with input from Hot Cheeks, Mmmmhlady Fingers, Skewbic and Liquor Lots)