2228 – Paska? Slopes

Hares: Stool Stuffer and Va’JJ (asking for seconds!)
Where: Paskapoo Slopes, Calgary, AB
On-In: Schooners Neighbourhood Pub SW, Calgary, AB
RA: Rashy Bush
Attendance: 16

We’ll preface these scribblings with the fact that despite having only lost his haring virginity to Stoolie a couple of weeks ago, Va’JJ was gagging for seconds!

Environment Canada warned that Southern Alberta was set to get a massive dump of rain over the course of a few days. As Calgary readied for this unrelenting rain, hares Stool Stuffer and Va’JJ psyched themselves up to set a truly shitty trail of epic proportions. It’s probably why they picked Paska-poo Slopes.

Bah Bah Beer sees a mouse. What do you see?

Because pavement would be too clean and not nearly slippery enough, they planned their “monstrous run” (Stoolie’s words) exclusively on dirt trails and marked 100% in flagging (chalk being a much more ephemeral medium).

We were told not once, but twice to bring our shiggy shoes and other mud friendly gear.

Environment Canada got it right, for once. And while the ghost of floods past still loom over us, the City of Calgary announced a state of local emergency in response to the heavy rainfall. Yikes!

Emergency-shmemergency: this has never gotten in the way of a good (or shitty) trail.

The walkers claim there was a “viewpoint” but the runners – who kept their eyes on their feet for safety – saw no such thing.

Karate Klit and Skewbic Hair both went down, but reportedly not on each other. For Scoob, it was just another Monday night but Karate Klit felt very dirty afterwards.

KK, what do we say about airing one’s dirty laundry in public?

These two lovebirds went all the way tonight. The finished exhausted, wet and sweaty but look at those smiles! They’re so glad they came.


Photos by Skewb, MmmmhLadyfingers (with some tales) and Karate Klit
Run Map by Snevil.