2230 – Skoolz Out 4 Summer!

Hares: Ms Pussy & Ms Cheeks (and Ms Spanker in spirit)
Where: Pop Davies Athletic Part, Calgary AB
On-In: Ogden Whistle Pub, Calgary AB
RA: Head-Mistress Booty Camp
Attendance: 24

As most teachers are counting the minutes until the end of year bell (not to confuse with the year’s bell-end), our ed-dick-ators AP and Hot Cheeks were planning one last assessment of our stamina and ingenuity.

Abandoned Pussy and Hot Cheeks are positively radiant. Could it be that end-of-the-year glow?

PMS – yours truly – who has been remote hashing for a year, is happy to review the work submitted by the class. Answers are eerily similar! Who copied off of whom??

AP and Hot Cheeks schooled us through and through. They truly are jack-off all trades.

Jack of all trades, master of none, the hares got called to the headmistress’s office for a spanking (or some other kinky punishment):

Speaking of kinky, some harrierettes decided to bust out their school girls outfits:

Looks like Lying Sack has an Avril Lavigne fetish.