2232 – Pyro Saves The Hash Again!

Hares: Pyro and Liquor Quicker
Where: Tuscany NW Run Start Location, Calgary, AB
RA: King Shit
Attendance: 18

Here is what transpired on trail and after:

  • Choir was masterfully lead by Skewbic Hair.
  • Hashers who deigned grace us with their presence (archives): Insane Bolt, Lof-T Prancer, Liquor Quicker (hare AND archive? Am I reading this right?)
  • We had a visitor from Switzerland: Bern Balls (why not Rug Bern, I wonder?)
  • The following hashers (human and dog alike) were awarded the “Dirtiest” Award: Dastardly (human) and Poppy (dog)
  • We had a series of “Dog Sluts”. It turns out that a variety of offenses will warrant you getting this title. When one dog slut drinks, all dog sluts drink!!
    – Just-10 Beaver was named dog slut extraordinaire. She earned the titled because despite having no dog of her own, she brought dog treats to the run. She volunteered to run with Maverick, whom Liquor Lots is dog sitting. She even ran back 200m down the trail from on-in with a poo bag to pick up after it. What a star.
    – Lof-T also ran with Maverick for a bit.
    – Twisty raved about her daughter’s new puppy.
  • Blue Balls left before he could be downed. He needed to be punished for leading the walkers astray, and had to be dragged back by the hare.
  • Sexual Offense: Twisty was complaining about elliptical trainers. She doesn’t like to spread her legs that wide (that’s NOT what Hardly says).
  • Just Matt was named Sheep Skate: when cumming to pay for hash cash, he was a Toonie short. He had to rely on a pensioner on a fixed income (King Shit) to pay the rest!
  • DFLs : Stoolie, Dastardly, Bern Balls were dead fucking last.  Liquor Quicker swept the trail and was significantly slowed down but their lack of athleticism.

Thank you for the detailed notes King Shit! And thank you Skewb for the photos.