2233 – Significant ? Run (and Masterbeater’s cumback)

Hares: Skewbic Hair and Dastardly
Where: South Glenmore Park, Calgary, AB
On-In: Skewbic Hair and Mucky Dip’s Love Palace
RA: Hardly
Attendance: 34

? Hashy Birthday f%$# you!?
? Hashy Birthday f%$# you! ?
? Hashy Birthday f%$#, “dear” Skooooooob! ?
? Hashy Birthday f%$# you! ?

Because he prefers to give than to receive, Skewbic Hair (with the help of his acolyte Dastardly) gave us the gift of trail, shiggy and skeeters on his own birthday. What a guy.

Skewb’s thunder was stolen a little bit by the fact that Hash God Masterbeater and his lovely Pink Meat came all the way from Oregon for a visit. Not content with just showing his beautiful face, Masterbeater came in a kilt, worn the way God intended it. Photos were taken, but I’m keeping those for myself. ??

Other Archives were Burps McGee & Broke Back Mount Me.

This is what happened tonight:
? Rashy Bush bringing her own handcuffs to the hash.
? Sticky Lips sharing a new hah song with the group. “There’s a Skeeter on my Peter, wack it off”! (Speaking of songs, later that evening, we finally got past 2 verses of the Ol’ El Camino song! An all time high!)
? Hump the Shark headed down to the nude beach after LSOS, and both were reported to be smiling even after being thwarted by a back check
? Mucky Dip invited this rowdy group back to her place after trail for a party like no other… She definitely is the hostess with the most-ess.
? Lof-T Prancer has been found to like it on the rear. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
? Insane Bolt passed on the Hash Shit to Camshaft for running right past a check back.
? Karen found the ruckus caused by the pack to be quite unpleasant but couldn’t locate the manager to express her discuntent.
? Bashers Fog Horney & Chick Lick made an appearance to honour Skewbie (and no doubt to take a peek under Masterbeater’s kilt)
? Stool Stuffer earned the most beer credits on trail based on technology-confirmed data: he had the longest one.

We had a few charges tonight:
– against Men O Pause for his attire. Pink Meat wants a volunteer to help him gear up for hash.
– against Karate Klit from Lying Sack of Shit. KK was running at the front and falsely cried check back. It must have been the excitement of being FRB… as she is more accustomed to being DFL.

On On!
PMS (with the help of Slippy Thong’s very detailed notes)
Photo credits: Pink Meat, King Shit, Skewbic Hair, Snevil