2238 – Matrimonial Bliss Run

Hares: Boo-Blow (Booty Camp and Snow Blower)
Where: Royal Sunalta Park, Calgary, AB
On In: Two House Brewing, Calgary AB
RA: Snevil
Attendance: 23

You know what they say: couples who hash together stay together! These two CH3 superstars met at a Calgary Red Dress event yeeeaaars ago (photographic evidence below) and they are still going strong! Tonight was their anniversary, and what more romantic evening than to set trail and hare together?

This Bennifer of Hashing set a trail that took us through their old stomping grounds. Kind of like a “Hash down memory lane”.

Here is what the RA Snevil reported back:

· Choir was held by On-in and Dastardly. Such seasoned hashers must have done a fine job of it.

· Snevil was miffed that – week after week – trails continually go past her house and hares have the audacity not to plan for a regroup there.

· Sexual offense: Harrierette Just-10 Beaver and newbie Just Bill ran down secluded cul de sacs together. Some name ideas were thrown around, possibly relating to his sexual prowess: Just-10 Seconds was a contender… In the end, he remains Just Bill for now.

· Liquor Quicker got lost on trail and was ultimately saved by the walkers.

In other news, here is the selection of this week’s most photogenic hashers:

There were other noteworthy moments: