2239 – Stylish and Swanky Summer Soirée

(alternate naming: Sweltering, Slutty, Sexy Summer)

Hares: Hot Cheeks and Ménage à Trois
Where: Ménage à Trois and Hot Liquor’s back yard
RA: Someone appointed by Rashy Bush, maybe her hubby Stool Stuffer?
Attendance: 20-ish (TBD)

We are most grateful for a jolly good evening of splendid fun at Lady Ménage and Sir Hot’s wonderful abode.

Our two organizers Lady Ménage and her lady-in-waiting Cheeks set a most marvelous trail which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A light supper of Cheet-ohs and Dorit-ohs followed. Guests had the good taste not to behave infra dignitatem, get absolutely blotto and make (complete) asses of themselves. With the exception of his royal highness King Shit, of course*. Luckily, “when drunk, [hashers] often become amorous or maudlin or vomit in public, but they never become truculent.” (Alan S C Ross, Linguistic class-indicators in present-day English, 1954)

*Since this was typed before the event even occurred, it might be utter poppycock. Who knows?

Pip Pip Cheerio!
PMS (see you soooooon!)