2240 – August Spectacle in Fish Creek!

Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Fish Creek – Shannon Terrace Amphitheatre, Calgary, AB
On-In: Gators Sports Pub SW, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 25

Why this run wasn’t entitled “Huzzah, PMS is back“, I don’t know ?.

Despite the run’s poor name choice, Abandoned Pussy gave us a wonderful trail. It was not too long, not too short, with just the right amount of wetness to keep us moist and refreshed.

This trail saw lots of race-ism (athleticism rather) and sexual offenses:

? The kidlets (Bah Bah Beer, Beer Crusher, Huggy Bear) and Hump the Shark were caught (separately) bike shaming electric bike riders calling them “cheaters”. Not everyone can be as athletic as us, you know.
? Ménage à Trois was seen stripping on trail.
✨? After his first round of chemo, Stool Stuffer’s bodily fluids are so toxic that there can be no golden showers for three days. Lying Sack kindly offered to cover for him for that period of time to avoid Rashy being disappointed.
? Dastardly admitted to going for the bush and going down (and something about it being too hard)
? Skewbic Hair was being creepy by luring people into the deep dark woods and he was heard breathing extra hard while running next to a harrierette.

We had two visitors from Vancouver: Nemo and Missing Link. Nemo put us all to shame by being the FRB most of the time. To even it out, Missing Link was DFL.

Runs that occur on the 22nd are tutu (2-2) runs, and most people got the memo (though not all remembered):

On on!